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Our Services

In-Shop or In Your Home

Dixon’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has been providing the residents of Belleville, Trenton, Picton and the surrounding areas with our superior clean & rinse process and quality service since 1952. For our friends in Belleville, we offer free in-home quotes and advice. A local family business for three generations, we’re proud to put our family name and reputation behind every service we offer.

In-Home Wall to Wall Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our highly experienced & friendly staff are equipped with only the top of the line, portable cleaning equipment and solutions. Our special clean & rinse process ensures that the cleaning solutions have a longer working time on the carpet, much like pre-treating and soaking your clothes before you wash them. Then our thorough rinse process removes the dissolved soil and the cleaning chemical residues. Using this more involved and time consuming process, your carpets not only come cleaner but stay clean longer!

Our upholstery cleaning process also includes a full pre treatment, followed by a thorough rinse to remove loosened soil and any chemical residues.

With our equipment we can clean any area of your home or high-rise apartment.

In-Shop Area Rug Cleaning Specialists With Fine Wool Carpets

At the area’s only custom built rug cleaning facility, we give your area rugs a thorough beating.

This may sound bad, but our unique carpet beater removes damaging soil and grit that your vacuum and other carpet cleaners simply can’t remove.

After this and a surface vacuuming, all rugs then go through our full clean & rinse process. Wool rugs receive special treatment and any fringes are cleaned by hand. Carpets are then hung to dry in our controlled dry room. After drying, rugs are inspected and rolled ready for pick-up or delivery.

During inspection, should any rug not meet our expectation (or yours) they will be re-cleaned at no additional cost.

Pick-Up & Delivery

We offer free door-to-door pick-up & delivery to residence of our home city of Belleville. For a small fee, we can move your furniture to roll up and relay your rug. For a fee we are happy to pick-up & deliver carpets out of town. To save the fee we invite you to drop off your carpets at our shop, but please call ahead to arrange a time. As most of our work is done in-home we are not always at the shop and we would hate for you to drop by and find no one there. Call 613.962.7922 for an appointment.

Thank You!

Stain Removal

We all get them, those little accidental spills causing spots and stains on the carpet. Whether caused by us or the family pet, they are unsightly.
The good news is, most spots can be removed but the key is to act quickly. If you have a stain removal guide from the carpet manufacturer use it, if not, soak up or blot liquids and scrape off any solids with a spoon or very dull knife. Do not scrub as this may premaritally distort the carpet fibers. Continue to blot stain with absorbent white towels until stain no longer transfers to towel. For many stains, a very small amount of dish detergent in warm water, may be dabbed onto stain and blotted up to aid in removal, then rinsed with warm water & blotted again. When stain is removed or no longer transfers to towel, fold up a clean white towel and place over spot, add weight, like a book, on top of the towel and let stand overnight to help wick up any residual stain. Urine stains must be soaked up immediately. A solution of white vinegar and water can then be dabbed on to neutralize. Then again place an absorbent towel on top overnight.

Note: For stain resistant carpets, you should alway use the stain removal
guide available from the manufacturer.

Please call if you need our help. Although no one can guarantee removal of all stains, as part of our regular cleaning service, we do not charge extra to try everything possible to remove your stain.

Odour Control

We have enzyme treatments and deodorizers to help control odors.

With pet accidents especially with cats, it is extremely important to clean up urine quickly as it can penetrate into the carpet pad and even the underlying sub floor, making complete removal of the odour, without major expense, very difficult to impossible.

Stain & Soil Repellant Treatments For Carpet & Upholstery

Stainguard treatments can be applied to both carpet &
upholstery to resist most soil and stains.

It is important to understand that these treatments are not a total stain proofing. Although they do work very well, some things can still stain even a treated item. In fact stain resist treatments have become so effective, that it is rare to see any new carpet or upholstered furniture that has not been treated by the factory. Because of this, we generally do not recommend that newer carpet or upholstery be re-treated until they are from 3 to 5 years old or have had from 2 to 4 proper cleanings.

Carpet Repairs & Restretching

For many years, Dixon’s was also known for superior carpet installation for several of the local carpet retailers and we still have the staff trained in that field. We now offer carpet repairs and restreching of carpet that has buckled. Repair can include torn seams and patching of areas damaged by pets etc.

We can also re-install carpet that has been removed due to flooding.

Carpet Edge Binding

Dixon’s can apply edge binding to almost any carpet. If you have carpet left over from an installation, we can bind them to make protective mats or trim carpet to make carpet baseboard. We can remove damaged fringe from your carpets and bind the ends for a fresh clean look. We can take your purchased remnant, cut it to many different shapes if you wish and bind it to make a very nice area rug. Note: We can bind or re-bind used carpets, however they must be cleaned by us prior to binding.

Mattress Cleaning

We are able to clean your mattress in the same way we would clean any upholstery.

We use an enzyme cleaner to help remove bacteria and odors.

Note: That with mattress, the manufactures often use materials that do not release stains very well if at all (they have their reasons). Therefore, although we can help with bacteria and odours etc, stain removal is somewhat less likely.

Ultra-Safe Cleaning Products and Procedures for Chemically Sensitive People

We have a few customers that are sensitive too many standard cleaning products.

We do carry products that have proved safe and acceptable for these individuals.

If you find yourself or family members particularly sensitive in this regard, please let us know in advance and we may be able to help.